Bronze Ink well

William Hogarth Bronze statue by Jean Jules Salmson, (1823-1902), signed on the base. 56cm tall. £POA.

Bronze Sculpture

"The Boxer". Bronze by Otto Feist, born 1872, signed and dated 1903. 53cm tall . £POA.

Our Bronze Collection

Poole and Sons' have a large collection of 19th to 20th century bronze sculptures. Below is a small sample.

Item 1

'Le Pilot' / 'The Oarsman', By Georges Colin (1878-1917). Signed and numbered bronze, with foundry stamps, stands on a green variegated marble base. 40cm tall .


Item 2

Bronze figural group of a Milkmaid Feeding a Cow by Emile Louis Truffot French (1843-1896), late 19th Century, signed on the base. 27cm tall.


Item 3

Bronze statue of Cesare Beccaria, An 18th Century Italian lawyer. 51 cm tall.


Item 4

Bronze Bust of the 'Mousse Siffleur' (The Whistling Boy), by Vaclaw Bernard Szczeblewski worked (1875-1900). Titled and impressed with the foundry mark 'Bronze Garanti Ausitre L.V. Deposse'. The artist has modelled an accurate portrait of a young boy dressed as a sailor whistling. 21cm tall.


Item 5

The Bridge worker and Giesser. Pair of Bronzes by W. Schaffert, worked 1895-1915. "The Bridge Worker", 44 cm tall. "Giesser" 42cm tall.


Item 6

'Le Devoir' Roman centenarian bronze by Louis Picault- Honor Patria (1839 – 1915). Circa 1880, bears signature and foundry mark to the base. 46 cm tall.


Item 7

Bronze desk tidy and inkwell modelled as three eagles perched on a rock bears a foundry mark and signed Mortl. 21cm tall and 40cm wide.


Item 8

The 'TreeHouse' bronze by Mark Hopkins was released July 1990 in a Limited Edition. With certificate. 41 cm tall.


Item 9

Una And The Lion bronze by Max Valentin (1875-1920) German architect and sculptor who was active in Berlin. Signed on the base. 30cm tall.


Item 10

The Golden Pheasant. Bronze by Henri Alfred Jacquemart (1824-1896). Signed on the base, circa 1865. 13cm tall.